ihacks.in ( now mygeekiq.com) – Internet Hacks – is a site focused on Technology News, Internet Tools, Information on Windows, Linux, WordPress, Browser, Simple Hacks and Tricks.

The website was launched on January 1st, 2009. Initially, i was posting 2 articles everyday and always kept the blog up to date. Within 3 months many articles got stumbled, driving huge traffic to the website.

Later on i got very busy with my studies and could manage to post 3 to 4 articles in a week. As a result the traffic kept on decreasing.

Now, i have decided to pay more attention.

You can expect more articles on latest software, linux, firefox, Chrome, windows 7, wordpress, security, simple tips and hacks.

Founder and Chief Editor

I’m Mahesh from Mangalore, India. The chief editor and founder of ihacks.in (now mygeekiq.com).

I’m a graduate and currently doing Masters in Computer Application.

I enjoy writing articles and learning new concepts related to Internet and computer.

My interest on Blogging started with the launch of shodan.in, which was intended to be a personal blog . After posting many unique articles which were very much useful to Internet users, the blog became a huge hit and turned out into a Technology Blog.

This made me launch my own blog, mygeekiq.com and focused on topics which were not covered in shodan.in.

Milan is my nickname and i like to use it as my identity in the Internet and blogging community.

If you have any comments, tips, or suggestions for mygeekiq.com, please email us at