PrtScr – Free Desktop Screenshot Tool

We all know about ‘Prt Scr’ button in keyboard that lets us take full screen snapshot of our desktop. The only drawback is we cannot take snapshot of a particular region in desktop.

Here is software known as PrtScr which adds more functions to the default print option in Windows.

Once installed all you have to do is press the default ‘Prt Scr’ button. This will open an option to select any region in desktop, take a snapshot and save it in JPEG, PNG or BMP format.

You can also set timer to automatically take snapshot of any region. To do this right click on PrtScr icon located in the status bar and select ‘Capture in 5 seconds’ or ‘Capture in 30 Seconds’.


• Add comments, annotations to images

• Captures full screen, rectangle selection, freehand selection, or active window

• Can Capture Mouse Cursor

• Save Screenshot to desktop, sends it via email, edits, prints or sends to clipboard