Add Opera Speed Dial Feature to any Browser with Homepagestartup

Every browser has a homepage button, which leads us to search websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Homepage is not just restricted to search engine, it can be customized and changed as per our choice. We can set news blog like BBC or CNN as a homepage with minor changes in Browser Settings.

But, only one website can be accessed or set as home page in any browser.

If you want to access many websites right from your homepage, then try has an interface similar to Speed Dial in Opera, which allows users to access favorite websites right from browser homepage. All these features can now be applied to any browser including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Go to HomePageStartUp website, sign-up using email ID. Once done with registration, click on any of the empty boxes.

Add the URL of favorite website, say for example and set a title name. You can keep on adding URL of important websites to 12 different boxes. When you are done with is, set the website URL as browser homepage. This will get Opera Speed Dial feature to your Browser.