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Firefox Mobile Browser available for Nokia’s Maemo Platform

Mozilla has released Firefox web browser for Nokia N900. With this release Nokia users will be able to enjoy features like Tabbed Browsing, Awesome Bar, Safe Browsing etc which were available in Firefox Desktop Browser.

Firefox for N900 has been modified to provide best Mobile Experience with features like Minimal Typing, Safe Browsing and Weave Sync.

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Reduce Memory Consumed by Firefox with Fasterfox Lite addon

Firefox is my favorite Browser, it has got many addons which helps to get my work done easily. But, as you all know Firefox consumes too much system resources, especially RAM memory.

You can manage if the pc has got enough RAM memory, but tough to work on a computer with poor hardware configuration.

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Hide Firefox to System Tray and Shift Tab Bar from Top to Bottom

Tabbed Browsing has become an essential part of every browser; it is quite tough to browse without Tabs. In the past every link would open in a new window, consuming too much space in the windows taskbar.

Now, with Tabbed Browsing feature the work is made easy. Every new web page will open in new tab over a Tab Bar located at the top.

Ever thought of shifting Tab Bar in Firefox from Top to Bottom? If yes, you can do so with Super Tab Firefox Addon.

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