Damn Small Linux – Smallest Linux O.S with FileSize of 50 MB

Damn Small Linux LogoLinux is free operating system with many flavors to choose from like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint etc. Each flavor has its own importance from elegant design to low memory consumption.

Now, here is another Linux Distro which is well known for its small size. DSL or Damn Small Linux has a file-size of just 50 MB.

Damn Small Linux has got every software available in any other operating system like a pdf viewer named Xpdf, Light weight web browser named Dillo, Word processor and many more.

Damn Small Linux

You can also run DSL O.S right from the USB pen drive, making it more handy and portable.

To run Damn Small Linux from pen drive, you will have to first download DSL-embedded.zip file and Universal USB Installer.

Once you finish downloading required files. Just copy the Universal-USB-Installer-v1.6.5 file to pen drive and Double click on it.

Damn Small Linux

Select the DSL-embedded.zip file and click on ‘Create‘ option. This will create files required to run Damn Small Linux from Pendrive.

Damn Small Linux

When the entire process of extraction is done, just click on file named dsl-base.bat.

This will start Damn Small Linux and you can now enjoy using Tiny Operating System right from USB pen drive.