Display Image Email Alert while receiving a Mail in Thunderbird

Thunderbird Desktop Email Client is used to receive / send mails right from the desktop. The latest Thunderbird version 3 is lighter, faster and supports tabbed browsing.

Usually, when we receive mails some of them are of great importance. For example, mail from Manager about the latest project.

These important mails are meant to be replied immediately. But, when we are busy working, it will be difficult to keep checking the Thunderbird Mailbox.

It would be nice if a huge image would be displayed in the desktop as an alert, while the mail was received.

Like an image of your Manager at the right corner of the desktop, when you receive mail sent by Manager. This will definitely grab your attention and help you react immediately.

Mailbox Alert is a Thunderbird Addon, which once installed will provide options to receive image and sound alert while receiving mail.

Click on Tools > Mailbox Alert Preferences. Check ‘icon’ option and select the required image to be displayed.

You can also choose to display the image on the right corner or center of the desktop. To do this click on button ‘Global Preferences‘ and select required position like right, center or top-right.