Download Videos Directly from YouTube webpage in 3gp flv mp4 and HD Format

YouTube is one of the best Video hosting website. We will find many types of videos like action video, funny video that makes us laugh, videos related to politics and also not to forget music video.

If we find any video very much interesting and want to download it, then we make use of online services like mediaconverter or desktop software’s like Mobile Media Converter, which have in-built YouTube Downloader.

You will have to copy the URL of the YouTube video, paste it into the program window and then select required video format. Finally, click on download button.

If you find this task lengthy and want to make it simpler, like having a download button just beside the video. Here, is a simple Firefox Add-on that will add a Download button on the right hand side of the YouTube video.

Once the YouTube HD Downloader add-on is installed, all you have to do is click on required video format like 3GP, MP4, Flv and HD. The video will be available for download in a second.

Download YouTube HD Downloader