Install Swiftfox in Debian Linux Distro

Swiftfox is a customized Firefox Browser for Linux Operating System. Firefox in Linux works faster and consumes less memory with Swiftfox. If you are using Debian Linux and want to install Swiftfox then follow these simple steps.

First Download the installer file ( Select Processor type like AMD or Intel )

Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal

In the Terminal window, go to location where file was saved. ( Usually, the location would be /home/username/Desktop/ )

cd /home/username/Desktop/

Then type


This will download and install Swiftfox in your Debian Linux Operating System.

Now, go to Application > Internet > Swiftfox . Right Click on it and select ‘Add this Launcher to Desktop’.

Swiftfox icon will appear in Desktop and you are free to use Optimized Firefox Browser for Linux Operating System.