McAfee Site Advisor Addon for Google Chrome

The most awaited McAfee Site Advisor Addon for Google Chrome is now available. Until now many web users switched back from Chrome to Firefox. One of the reasons for this set back was lack of Security Plugin for Chrome Browser.

The Site Advisor Plugin works in similar way as in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once installed McAfee Site Advisor icon will appear on the right side of Chrome Address Bar.

In case you access In-Secure site a Red Icon will appear, Yellow for adware sites and Green for secured ones.

Unlike Firefox, security warning won’t appear in the search list. The warning message will appear only when you access the website.

But, if in case you access in-secure site you will be automatically re-directed to Site Advisor.

To activate this option, type Chrome:extensions in Browser Address bar and press enter. Click on options button, select Stop loading threat- (Redirect to SiteAdvisor) and click on save.

Site Advisor for Chrome