SSH Linux Server from Firefox Browser with FireSSH Addon

SSH LogoSecure Shell or SSH is network protocol that allows exchange of data through secure channel between two networked devices, usually Linux or Unix Systems.

SSH to any device is done through Client Software like Putty or Secure CRT.Anymore, users can SSH any device from Firefox Browser with addon known as FireSSH.

FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH Terminal Client for Mozilla Firefox. One installed you will find an option named ‘FireSSH‘ under ‘Tools‘. Click on it, this will open Account Manager. Add Hostname, Port number, Passwords and even Private Key if there is any.

Firefox SSH

When you are done with configuration, click on connect. SSH terminal client will open and you can start working on your Linux server just like any other SSH Client.

FireSSH Terminal

FireSSH is compatible with latest version of Firefox Browser and since it is an addon, users need not worry about Operating System compatibility.