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Minimize Thunderbird to System Tray

I use Thunderbird as my desktop Email Client because its very light, fast, open source and supports add-on. With the launch of Thunderbird 3.0 more features have been added and is now simpler to set up an email client.

If you just add your email id, Thunderbird will automatically detect SMTP / POP servers and set up email client in few seconds.

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Reduce Memory Consumed by Firefox with Fasterfox Lite addon

Firefox is my favorite Browser, it has got many addons which helps to get my work done easily. But, as you all know Firefox consumes too much system resources, especially RAM memory.

You can manage if the pc has got enough RAM memory, but tough to work on a computer with poor hardware configuration.

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Convert Web Pages into PDF Files Directly from Browser

If you like any article and want to save it in PDF format, then here is a handy tool that will convert webpage into PDF right from the browser.

Web2PDF converter is a Firefox add-on that will convert WebPages into PDF in a single click.

Once you download and install the Add-on, an icon will appear on the toolbar of the Browser.

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