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Add Opera Speed Dial Feature to any Browser with Homepagestartup

Every browser has a homepage button, which leads us to search websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Homepage is not just restricted to search engine, it can be customized and changed as per our choice. We can set news blog like BBC or CNN as a homepage with minor changes in Browser Settings.

But, only one website can be accessed or set as home page in any browser.

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How to Uninstall addons from SeaMonkey Web Browser

SeaMonkey is a browser which could be used for multiple tasks. It can be used as Desktop Email Client, Chat Program and composer to edit WebPages.

You can also install and use addons supported by Firefox.

But the only problem with SeaMonkey browser is to remove or uninstall addons. There are no options to uninstall SeaMonkey addons.

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Convert Web Pages into PDF Files Directly from Browser

If you like any article and want to save it in PDF format, then here is a handy tool that will convert webpage into PDF right from the browser.

Web2PDF converter is a Firefox add-on that will convert WebPages into PDF in a single click.

Once you download and install the Add-on, an icon will appear on the toolbar of the Browser.

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Download Portable Firefox 3.6 Beta 3

After the successful release of Firefox 3.6 Beta 3, portable version of Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 is now available for download.

Portable Firefox 3.6 is specially optimized to work faster. There is no need of installation; you can directly run it from the USB or any other portable hard drive.

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