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Create Backup of Google Documents and Spreadsheets in your Desktop

We use Google Docs to create and edit word documents, spreadsheet, presentation and form application online. With Google Docs we can share our documents and invite friends to edit these documents.

If in case all your documents and spreadsheets are stored in Google Docs and that is the only backup you have and want to create backup of files in some other location to avoid loss of important documents. Then the best choice will be to create backup of these files in Desktop.

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Free Portable Disk, Registry and Privacy Cleaner

As we keep using PC everyday, the system gets filled with history, cache and temporary files from Internet and windows applications. There are many ways to clear these files but doing it manually is not that simple.

Here is a program that will clean up all unnecessary files from your system with a click of a button.

Comodo System Cleaner is a free portable system cleaner that will optimize system performance, make your computer faster, efficient and secure.

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