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How to Install Flash in Fedora 13

Flash in LinuxIf you had problems playing YouTube videos in Fedora Linux, then one of the main reason is missing Flash Plugin.

When you click on play button you will be prompted with a message to ‘Install Missing Flash Plugin‘. Once you choose to install, the installation will end with ‘Error Message’ due to mismatch of Flash Software.

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YouTube Loads Faster with Feather Lite

YouTube is one of the best places where we can share videos of our choice. YouTube currently has 1 Billion Page Views / Day. In spite of this the website is fast and serves video at a greater speed even in a low bandwidth connection.

Now, YouTube Team has decided to make the website lighter and faster with Feather Lite.

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How to Watch 18+ Videos in YouTube without logging in or Verifying your Age

You must have come across many videos in YouTube, which are rated 18+. This means that only a person who is 18 years old or above can view such videos.

When you click on 18+ videos in YouTube, you will be asked to log in using your YouTube ID and confirm your age.

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Download Videos Directly from YouTube webpage in 3gp flv mp4 and HD Format

YouTube is one of the best Video hosting website. We will find many types of videos like action video, funny video that makes us laugh, videos related to politics and also not to forget music video.

If we find any video very much interesting and want to download it, then we make use of online services like mediaconverter or desktop software’s like Mobile Media Converter, which have in-built YouTube Downloader.

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