Transfer and Download Files via WAP to your Cell Phone

When a new cell phone is purchased, it is a common practice to get latest ringtone, apply themes and wallpapers. You will find whole lot of websites that offer ringtones, themes and wallpapers for free download.

Once a theme or ringtone is downloaded, all we have to do is connect pc to the cell phone through USB wire and then transfer the files one by one.


Of course, this is time consuming. To get your work done faster try new way of transferring files i.e. through CellGrab.

CellGrab is a website that will help you transfer files via WAP. Just upload any mp3, 3gp or jad file from your desktop. Once the file gets uploaded you will receive a unique ID.

All you have to do is go to from your mobile browser and paste the ID number. The file will be available for download and can be saved directly to your cell phone. The maximum file size limit for wap upload is 2MB.